Medgar now representing DALS, TLS, Spectrum and Ember LED.

Medgar is excited to announce our appointment as the new SW Ontario representative for DALS Lighting, Inc., TLS LED, Spectrum Lighting Inc. and Ember LED.

Medgar New July 2017

DALS Lighting, Inc. – DALS Lighting, Inc. is a manufacturer of accent and architectural lighting products focusing on innovative and emerging LED technology. 

TLS LED – TLS International is an experienced company with innovative high quality products that meet any surface lighting challenges you or your clients have. With high standard development sectors and creative designers and engineers, TLS International offers groundbreaking solutions to any surface regardless of its shape. 

Spectrum LED – A true lighting manufacturer, Spectrum produces major components of lighting fixtures that it sells, allowing total control of design, inventory, and quality. This enables Spectrum to custom design fixtures and retrofits quickly and econonmically.

EMBER LED – Ember LED offers a high-performance line of architectural-grade LED lighting solutions – both conventional and solar-powered – that uses streamlined design and the most cutting-edge technology.